Company: Jeoutay Liu Industrial Co.﹐ Ltd.
TEL: 886-4-24914399
For more than 26 years experience﹐ JEOUTAY LIU Industrial Co.﹐ Ltd. located in Taichung﹐ Taiwan (near Taichung Freeway/Airport). On the property of 3000 square meters. Has produced good-quality with competitive price of power bits and screwdriver bits. We produce products as screwdriver bits﹐ blades and nut-drivers with over 36 processional manufacturing equipments such as lathe machines﹐ milling machines﹐ forced machines and stamping machines. Besides﹐ we control the products quality in our inspecting system for controlling the surface finished﹐ heat treatment﹐ torque﹐ hardness﹐ dimensions and the products’We take any kind of OEM/ODM requirements/ orders from customers﹐ and provide integrated services ranging from design﹐ development and manufacturing.With our professional manufacturing experience & ISO9001 approval﹐ we mainly produce Bits﹐ Bits-Socket﹐ Anti-slip Bits﹐ Auto parts and Tool set﹐ etc. All items are made in Taiwan﹐ we always control the best quality & delivery﹐ Buyers’ specifications. OEM/ ODM orders