Company: Top Rank Industrial Co.﹐ Ltd.
Contact: Vicky Chen
TEL: 886-4-24928323
Top Rank Industrial Co.﹐ Ltd is established in March 1979﹐ until now it has been in the industry for over 33 years. We are located in Dali﹐ Taichung city. The capital invested is NT 50﹐000﹐000.
  We focus on innovation﹐ manufacture﹐ marketing in the car tools and hand tools. So far we possess various patents on different products. With professionalism﹐ innovation﹐ quality﹐ service and efficiency as our target﹐ we have actively innovated new products which increase the basic utility of our products and offer better service.
  With a view to meet diversification on an international level and increasing competitive ability in the market﹐ we opened a new company named Top Rank Industry (JIASHAN) Co.﹐ Ltd which is located in Jiashan﹐ Zhejiang﹐ China﹐ we increased production﹐ development﹐ innovation of new products and imported the advanced machinery from Taiwan JING DUANN MACHINERY INDUSTRIAL CO.﹐ LTD. We strive to develop new skills ﹐ concentrate on innovation of new products and the pursuit of superior quality﹐ so there are mainly two directions to work on﹐ first of all is the finished goods﹐ second one is semi-finished product which needs further processing. All of them in the production process are required to comply with safety design﹐ and offer good quality to keep company reputation. Except for OEM and ODM﹐ we offer services that are related to the innovation of goods.