Company: Yuan Li Hsing Ind. Co.﹐ Ltd.
TEL: 886-4-24079809
Yuan Li Hising Industrial Co.﹐ Ltd. is specialized in making hand tool accessories.Have more than 30 years of operations ﹐ the company started as a family subcontractor and later shifted to become a manufacturer. In additon to hand tools ﹐ Yuan Li Hsing Industrial also develops its own pneumatic tools ﹐ offering customers more choices.

The company﹐ located in Tali city﹐ Taichung county﹐ central Taiwan﹐ also offers tailor-made products. Samples could be delivered within a short period of time﹐ based on customers' requirement. New products are being developed and more competitive prices are to be offered.The company this year has released a series of universal joints with high torque. The lifespan is 25 percent longer than the traditional universal sockets and adaptors.

Yuan Li Hsing Industrial has received recogniton and favorable comments from the auto repair and maintenance sector. Besides﹐ the company has developed and designed a two-section magnetic universal joint﹐ bringing more convenience to users.

Yuan Li Hsing passed ISO 9001:2008 SGS certification on June﹐ 2007.